Adding human touch to customer care

Chat, screen sharing, voice and video calling - on web and mobile

A "Happy Customer" Recipe

After all, happy customers is what leads to success

Web & In-App Integration

Be reachable for your customers no matter what they are using: AssistHub widgets take care of your customer needs online (JS) and within your mobile app (iOS/Android).

Add Human Touch

Let the customer get to the point instantly. To keep your customers happy, you can allow them send texts and attachments, talk to you live via voice call, or even show what worries them during a real time video session.

User Happy with Customer Service

Works with Your Helpdesk

Of course, you are already delighting your customers, that's why AssistHub integrates with Zendesk, and your website with just a few lines of code.

Consistent Look & Feel

You want all the elements of AssistHub to feel natural to you - so do we! Colors, fonts, greetings, logos, and avatars are all easily customizable to match the look and feel of your website and mobile app.

Mobile and Web Real-Time Customer Support

Be Reached

Be where your customers are, listen to what they have to say when they need you most.

  • Real-time chat widget for your website
  • Easily embeddable help for iOS and Android apps
  • Literally one line of code and you are ready to help
  • Consistent and unified experience for your customers

Show that You Care

Let the customers get to the point instantly - emailing back and forth is an old world.

  • Let customers decide how they want to communicate with you
  • Allow to quickly express their concerns via real-time voice or video session
  • A picture is worth a thousand words - a photo attachment helps a lot
  • Your customers never sleep - we have a solution even if you are offline
Live Chat with Video
Live Chat Integrated with Zendesk

Enhance Your Helpdesk

Continue using your current support system and make it even better.

  • Easy extention for Zendesk and
  • Widget for your website integrates with literally one line of code
  • Works for visitors and logged in users, so you don't miss anyone
  • No pressure - the agent gets to choose if they are up to video or voice chat

Consistent Look & Feel

You want all the elements of AssistHub to feel natural to your agents and customers - so do we!

  • AssistHub looks like you want it to - as if it has always been there
  • You decide how avatars and greetings, colors and fonts should turn out
  • Native look and feel for the customers and for the agents
  • Delighting your customers via new methods of communications is easier than ever
Mobile and Online Live Chat Customization

From Communication Pros

We specialize in facilitating human interaction

Since 2008

We have been working with communications since 2008, releasing several successful apps and moving to developer SDKs.


No matter how many customers you have, we will support the flow. Our platform has been built to handle large amounts of data.


You will not find what we give you anywhere else - AssistHub has been built with customers in mind, as we have experience in serving customers.

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