Personal Conversational Customer Experience

Live chat, SMS, and mobile messaging in one place

The Way to Customer Satisfaction

After all, happy customers is what leads to success

Personal & Convenient

Convenient, frustration-free communication, real time with live chat or asynchronous with SMS and messaging apps. Messages are delivered directly to the customer.

Give Customers Choice

Customer can change channels as needed, move the conversation from live chat to Facebook Messenger, switch to Voice, then go back to Messenger or SMS.

User Happy with Customer Service

Consistent Agent Workflow

Agent works with an aggregated case feed - every message from each channel appears in the existing support desk, and is appended to the relevant ticket. No multitasking!!

Retained Context

All communication stays in one place. Context is maintained within the case regardless of what channel the customer chooses. Messages from multiple channels stay in one case feed.

Facts to Know

Messaging is the future of customer service

Meet Customer Demand

69.9% of consumers prefer to engage with companies via messaging instead of email

Communication Is Two Way

85% of consumers want to get messages from brands and answer using the same channels

Give Them SMS & Messaging!

66% of consumers prefer to reach brands through messaging, mostly SMS and Facebook Messenger

Mobile and Web Real-Time Customer Support

Why AssistHub?

AssistHub enables efficient communication between customers and businesses, and is intuitive both for agents and customers.

  • Improve support productivity - agents work in the familiar environment
  • Increase customer satisfaction - customer chooses how to communicate
  • Minimize resolution time - send text, messages, files, and buttons
  • Reduce support cycle - live chat, SMS, and messaging in one place

Features to Admire

We specialize in facilitating human interaction

Live Chat, SMS, Messaging Apps

AssistHub includes web live chat, SMS, and integrates with major messaging app

Scalable Infrastructure

AssistHub is built to handle enormous amounts of data and support millions of users

Seamless Integration

Adding AssistHub to the existing support desk is swift and easy, all features instantly available

Try out AssistHub for Seamless Customer Support